Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Nature of Reality

From Jenny:

"I'm standing in the kitchen of my apartment with my friend Xander; and we're smoking. When I exhale, I look around and everything that was in the room, including Xander, is gone. I say, out loud, ""Where did everything go?"" And I hear Xander say, even though she's nowhere in sight, ""What are you talking about? Everything is the same."" Either before or after I say, ""I think I'm hallucinating,"" she appears as a black cat on the kitchen counter, and cat-Xander says, ""I think you are too."" So I decide to explore, and I enter another room where circus music starts to play when I put my hand up in the air. There's a small clown doll sort of slumped over on the floor, facing away from me, and as I get closer to it, it starts to animate and get up, which terrifies every bit of me. When I say, ""No way! That's not happening!"" and I put my hand down, the clown doll disappears.

And that's how I learned the nature of reality. "

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