Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let's Do This.

Alright, we're back in business.  A little update to the ol' graphics drivers and everything's good to go.

The post I'm about to put up is the first one generated by reader submission.  Some quick thoughts on working with other people's dreams:

  1. It's really fun.  Kind of like when I write down my own dream in a sleepy stupor and don't remember a thing about it when I read it later.
  2. There's a little bit of anxiety involved.  I'm obviously not likely to make a scene that looks even remotely like what the dreamer saw.  The best I can do is make it entertaining as a standalone. Which leads to...
  3. The casual reader is likely to get more immediate pleasure than the dreamer.  They don't have any expectations, so they won't be disappointed by things like lack of accuracy, since they have no way to judge. And so...
  4. I've decided to amplify the distance between the dreamer's original experience and my interpretation.  I kind of feel like acting as though there's going to be likeness will make everyone sad, where outlandish difference will make for happy.  In this first one, for example, I know what the dreamer and her friend actually look like, and  I'll tell you it's not like the characters I chose to represent them.  For some reason it makes me laugh every time. I hope it does the same for them.
  5. Choosing what scene to depict is hard when it's someone else's.  I feel like there was probably a much more visual memory of the clown at the end, maybe, but I a) didn't want to have back to back clown dreams and b) liked the technical challenge of making smoke and a disappearing kitchen.
Anyway, I'm pleased as punch to have things back in operation.  Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of a post a week or so.  Yay!

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