Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diver Down!

You'll recognize the boat in this dream as the same one that got eaten by a shark.
 It was actually her sister vessel, the Island Holiday in this one, but damned if I can find a picture of the Holiday.  
Anyway, I had a lot of these boat dreams when I was a kid because I had family on Peaks Island.
A couple of decades later, I went to work for Casco Bay Lines, the ferry service that goes there and had more boat dreams.  This one happened just after I took the job and learned about a service called Diver Down Underwater Services.  They're a dive team that we have in on a regular basis to clean out the propellers on the boats, which catch buoy lines and debris all the time.  Without further ado:

I'm standing on the bow of the Island Holiday, which is amphibious.  We drive down Commercial Street, splash into a slip and head out toward Peaks.  The captain of the boat is my friend Hannah.

All of a sudden, I realize that the boat is slowly going underwater.  It's not sinking, though, it's apparent that Hannah is making a controlled dive.  When the boat is completely submerged, I find myself swimming.

I dive underwater to see what's going on and see the boat doing a slalom through the buoy lines which have been tied too short so the buoys are beneath the surface. Hannah didn't want to gum up the wheel hitting all the buoys, so she's navigating around them underwater.  I realize that she's going to come up near Peaks, so I swim over and position myself above the bow.

When she resurfaces, the boat scoops me back up.

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