Friday, December 30, 2011

Accidental Election Year Spy, 2008

Although this is not really me, I would wear those socks.

I am in possession of some highly coveted and very secret information.  I have the vague impression that there are documents of some kind I've been charged with protecting.  I'm acting like a spy, doing spy-type activities, but it's not, technically, my job.  I can tell because I'M TERRIFIED of the people chasing me and I have no idea why they want this info or what it is.

As I'm running around the city trying to evade these menacing strangers, I notice that it's election season.  It appears that a  friend of mine is running for office.  Amid the forests of campaign signs there are dozens of hers with the slogan, "If you like Chellie Pingree, you'll love [her name]"  I'm a bit surprised because I thought she was kind of skeptical of politicians.

I wander into a theater that's actually kind of a ruin, like a mix between the Coliseum and (for you Portland, Mainers) Fort Gorges.  There's a huge fundraiser going on for my friend's campaign.  She's up in a balcony that is oddly accessible for climbing.  She shouts down to me, "Are you coming up or not?"

I start to climb, but it's actually really difficult even though it's low to the ground.  The rail appears to be made of  one of those really thick tumbling mats they put after the horse in gymnastics vaulting set ups.

I'm finally able to do it, but it's incredibly awkward and un-graceful.  I'm feeling like a real jackass and suddenly realize that the climbing shenanigans made me very susceptible to the bad guys, who could easily have caught me while I was climbing.  I look around a little panicked until I see them going out a downstairs door.  They can't see me where I am.

My friend is unaware of all the drama.  "I knew you'd be able to climb up," she says. "My band's going to play as part of the fundraiser soon. You should stick around."

I wake up.